Nicolas Gosselin and Jean-Philippe Duchesneau

No child should have cancer. We get involved to help achieve this goal! This is the third year of involvement of Voiles en Voiles with Leucan and what particularly touched us with this mission is the support for children with cancer and their families as well as the support for research that Leucan provides.

We want to bring courage and hope to the children, either by organizing the Leucan Journey or by the special family day at Voiles en Voiles when we close our doors to welcome Leucan youth and their families. Social commitment is part of the values ​​and DNA of our company and all members of the organization are committed to the cause and want to help in one way or another.

In our way, we want to be an element of happiness in the lives of people who need it.
Nicolas Gosselin and Jean-Philippe Duchesneau
Ambassadors for Leucan

Wally Zarzar Del Castillo

I have been with the Royal Bank for the last 15 years and I am currently the Community VP for RBC NextGen/GénérAction group. NextGen is comprised of RBC employees who support community causes and it is thanks to this group that I have been involved with Leucan for the last 2 years.

Leucan is an organization that is very dear to me. Children do not deserve to suffer or to have to fight for their lives at such a young age. I, myself have family members and friends who have had to fight cancer and I just cannot even imagine how difficult this fight would be for a child and their loved ones.

Through Leucan, we can help provide families with the necessary support they will need during the difficult period that lies ahead for them.

Not only does Leucan help raise funds for the cause but they also help bring awareness to this horrible disease through the activities they organize for said fundraisers. It is essential for us to continue to help Leucan with their excellent work. We do it for the families, the kids and their parents.

Together we can make a difference.

Laura Frascarelli

I am a young 38-year-old entrepreneur, who started a veterinary clinic in Blainville five years ago, called the Fontainebleau Veterinary Clinic.

I completed a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry at the University of Montreal in 2003. I then continued my studies in Veterinary Medicine until 2008. I made several veterinary replacements in the world including Labrador, Gaspésie, the United States and England.

I'm very satisfied in all spheres of my life, I have an extraordinary fiance Martin-Guy, two beautiful children, Ryan and Madison, a dog named Forrest and a cat named Fille. I am surrounded by exceptional family and friends who allow me to thrive both personally and professionally.

That's why I want to encourage people to participate in the Leucan Journey. To feel that we are surrounded, it helps us to pass trials easier.

Joëlle Deraspe

Founder and President of NICE Marketing, Joëlle Deraspe is a dynamic, dedicated and passionate entrepreneur.

Joëlle is extremely involved in social events that deeply touch her and which resemble her. Her great expertise adds a touch of uniqueness and great attention to all the projects in which she is taking part in.

Her boundless creativity leads to the success of the events she coordinates for far beyond everyone's expectation.

Thomas, Brian, Raphaëlle and Marilie